How to fix a camera to go left and right only in 3rd person?

I’m a bit new to Unreal Engine and am attempting to learn specific functions of the camera. Would it be at all possible to fix the camera in 3rd person play (so that the character can move in all directions), but have the camera strafing left and right… basically like the old school games, where you could walk all directions along a street, but the camera was fixed to moving left and right with the character at the center of the screen at all times.

I would be editing via the Blueprints. I’ve been looking for a few days and haven’t been able to find an exact solution. Thank you!


I´m not sure if I understood you, but if you are inside the 3rd person template, go inside the character blue print and delete or disconnect the “mouse Input” So the camera will not move with the mouse, and will be always in the same position following the player. Check the picture below, try and let me know:

Thank you for the reply, . What I’m describing is making it so that the camera does follow the movements of the character, but only left to right from our perspective. While the character is at center of the screen at all times, the camera does not stick to the back of the character while they are moving like it would in default 3rd person. Instead, the camera would work like a platformer, only not flat 2D perspective, but instead at an angle from above. The difference from a regular platformer would be that instead of the character being limited to only moving straight left and right (x and y), the character can move along all the axis (z included). One classic game I could compare the camera movement to would be Streets of Rage.

hmm, I see, but it is like a plataformer game, first you neet to do as I told, to avoid mouse change the camera.

Then you go to the CharacterBP and change the PlayerCamera position and rotation

Try to set the camera to: x=-440, y=200 and z=100
This setup of the camera is considering that your player will go from left to right in the Y axis. But, you can rotate your camera and change positions to have the correct perspective

I deleted the mouse inputs and adjusted the position of the camera, but when pressing play/preview, the camera is still moving behind the character as it would in the default 3D mode and is not locking the screen so that it moves from left to right. Perhaps this method would work better in platformer, but somehow freeing up the z axis movement for the character?


Uncheck Controller rotation, see picture:

It has to solve the problem, let me know pls

The controller rotation appears to already be unchecked by default.


Sorry, I think I misunderstood you. Isn´t something like this what you want?

That’s completely fine, I probably should have provided more of a visual example. The link you provided is correct, that is the movement I’ve been aiming for.

ok, so, I just openned a new Third Person project and deleted the mouse input, nothing more…

I didn’t notice a difference when I tried that before, but I can definitely try again. Seems simple enough! Thank you for the help, .

no problem! Let me know pls, if worked