How to fix a assert in GC?

I Create a texture object by “StreamableManager.RequestAsyncLoad”, and set it to a MaterialInstance’s TextureParamer. i see a warning like this:
LogObj:Warning: Object MaterialInstanceConstant “AAAA” (0xffffffffb8c173c0) from cluster ParticleSystem “BBBBBBB” (0xffffffffaf4e9f00 / 0xffffffffa96d6b78) is referencing 0xffffffffa96aac80 Texture2D “CCCCCCC” which is not part of root set or cluster.
and when GC by function “CollectGarbageInternal” it Assert, “Encountered object(s) breaking Disregard for GC assumption. Please check log for details.” , my app is crash.
please help me, how to fix it?