How to fix a 75%-import problem with a .fbx model

When I’m trying to import a fbx model exported from blender the editor freezes with a sign “importing - 75%”. As I’ve seen at the internet it is a common poblem, but I still can’t find a valid solution.

The model itself: .blend + .fbx

Hello GarflD,

I downloaded your .fbx and tried to import that into UE4. I received an error message saying that there were not triangles. I then imported that .fbx into Maya. That imported your building and I was able to view it. I then exported that from Maya and into UE4. I was able to import it there with out issue.

I believe this could be a workflow issue from Blender to UE4.

Have a look at this documentation.

If after looking through this there is still an issue I will continue to investigate this issue at that time.

Due to inactivity and tracking purposes I am marking this thread as answered.