How to: First person game with a third person toggle

I’m looking for a step-by-step link or youtube tutorial on how to establish a first person game with a third person toggle on demand. I’ve googled, but my search criteria is gathering too many hits and none have been accurate.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

I’m a newb, but I think you would just build out the third person and first person viewpoints in parallel (the tutorial materials for both of these are fantastic, I’ve been having a blast messing about with them), and then have a Boolean to swap between them. I’m working on something similar at the moment, but haven’t gotten it beyond a sketch-pad at this stage. I’m shooting for a smooth transition between the viewpoints with a quick fade-out-fade-in when transitioning through the head of the character to avoid the dreaded “rear view of the eyeballs and teeth” viewpoint LOL

You would have two cameras and two skeletal meshes on your character BP.
Pressing a key would toggle between sets of cameras and meshes.

You can do this with only one camera and one character. Aside from that, what Hullbreach said.