How to find unwanted slow motion effect on "1 key" pressed? (UE4-27)

Hi, so I’m having this weird slow motion effect play when I press the “1” key. I integrated several asset packs into one project (I think like 7-8) with each containing countless blueprints and I can’t find anything when searching “slow, slow motion, slomo.” I wanted to know if there’s a way to check for input actions when the “1” key is pressed? I don’t have any action mappings set in the project settings and am unsure how to search for the key being pressed in the “search” function in blueprints without it just giving me all results for the number “1” which is obviously reaaaally long. I figure there is a blueprint somewhere that has an “1 key pressed” firing off but I just can’t find it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Search for Time Dilation instead

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THANK YOU!!! This was it! Now I finally turned the bloody thing off lol