How to find the object from content browser into the scene

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its seems that i could’nt find it on the net the way i was going to do like “how to find the object from content browser into the scene or world outliner” yes it’s easy to find the object from the world outliner or in the scene then into the content browser. the thing is i want the other way. could somebody could help me? please thank you very much.

Hi jade5765,

I’m not sure I exactly understand the question. Are you attempting to find an object that is in the scene by looking for it in the content browser, or are you attempting to find an object that is in the content browser by looking for it in the scene?

If you are looking for an object, it is normally best to use a combination of the World Outliner, the Content Browser, and the Scene. If you’re looking for an object in the scene, it’s best to find it in the World Outliner. The content browser isn’t a good place to look as it only refers to things that ‘can’ be included and the things listed there may not be in the scene at all or there may be multiple instances.

The best way to find an object in the content browser is to either right click the object in the scene or the World Outliner and select ‘Find in content browser’.

I hope this information can help you.

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hi mathew, thanks for the reply. here’s the case lets say i have imported into the content browser about 300 objects which then i used only 100 object in the scene so how can i find them in the content browser the unused object? so i can delete or remove them. I hope its clear for you now my question. thanks : )

There is not currently a way to delete all unused assets in the content browser but it seems like it could be a useful feature. I’ll be putting in a feature request to have the option to filter by reference added, which is not guaranteed but it is possible that it’ll be added in a future update. As a side note; If you’re attempting to remove these unused assets because you want to reduce the size of your packaged game, it should leave out things that aren’t being used anyway so it shouldn’t affect it.

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thanks hoping it will included in the next next next next update makes me confuse of replacing the object with 200 or more object in the content browser coz sometimes, i mean i always change or update the object time to time. thanks