How to find the current direction of my player

Hi All,
I have a question which may be easy for you but hard for me because i am currently switch from Unity to Unreal. I have a lots to learn from Unreal.

Let’s say if i create a project from Blank, First Person with the gun, Third Person, etc, i want to display on screen the direction of where the player’s character is currently pointing.

Example, when i run my project, i want the system shows with print string “you are in north direction”, when he turn to left he gets “you are in west direction”, etc.

I don’t know which node to use for get the player’s current direction.

Thanks for your attention.


You have more than one choice depending on exactly what you are looking for. Try the Get Forward Vector, pull it off a get Actor Rotation value.

Thanks: that is a good beginning. Now, i am thinking about when my x is increase, i am in my North direction. When my x decrease, i am in the south direction. The 2 noes you mentioned “Get Forward Vector” and “get Actor Rotation” have borth Return Value. The 1st one has “In Rot R 0.0 P 0.0 and Y 0.0” and the send has target. How i can get datas to get a cue about my direction (North, South, East and West) ?


Get those off of a reference to your character, or the Actor you want the direction for.

A super simple way to do this is to grab the yaw rotation of your controller, and setup branches that go true when your are facing certain degrees.


It is working. Thanks.