How to find predeclared functions?

Hey all,

So here’s my problem. In UnrealScript, when you wanted to do something you thought was defined in an earlier class – say, the “Touch()” collision detection functionality – you would use UnCodeX and search for what you wanted until you found where it was declared. You could read the declaration, understand the parameters it took, and then use it to your desire.

Now I’m a noob when it comes to C++ and Visual Studio, and I can’t figure out where to do this kind of thing. For instance, I want my actor to react to touch (or “overlap” as they call it in the blueprints) but I can’t find where the touch function is declared or what it’s called. I don’t even know where to search for it, VS doesn’t seem to include the basic classes in my project. (Is there some sort of “base gameplay functionality” project that I’m missing?) There must be some way to see that stuff, right? I’m not just extending classes blindly?

TL;DR: Where can I look through the classes that are predefined in the Engine (Actor, Pawn, etc.)? In other words, what is the new equivalent of UnCodeX?

Can someone please help me out here? It would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I use wingrep

its free!


You can download the full source on github and then search it.

Alternatively, if you build the editor from the source then the full source will be included in the solution for new projects you create.

You could also check out our complete API documentation!

@Rama, thanks! Helpful as always :slight_smile:

Ah, so we don’t get uncompiled versions of the parent classes, good to know.

Thanks! I didn’t see that before for some reason, that is really helpful.

Most of our developers are using the Visual Assist X (VAX) plug-in for Visual Studio. I think there is a free 30-day trial version for it. Ctrl+Alt+S activates symbol search and Ctrl+Alt+O activates file search.

If you don’t want to use VAX, you can use Visual Studio’s built-in Intellisense for some of the functionality. For example, it will allow you to right-click a function and “Go to Declaration” to jump to the file where the function is declared.

So from what I gather, the new method is: Download the source code, and then use VS (or a different searching program, even windows) to search through it.

I’ve downloaded the source, and I think I get it now, I can see “Actor.cpp” and such. I just need to get used to the C++ way of doing things now :slight_smile: