How to Find Index of BP_Actor from an Array?

Here is the error. I am not understanding it.

And from here touch function is getting called

I have Hex tile generator.

I only want to able to interact with adjacent tiles on beginTouch and EndTouch

I can figure out the math. But I don’t know how can I get Index from actor and How can I get Actor from Index ?

The Find Item in array doesn’t seems to work. Please help I am new to programming and blueprinting.

What does that mean?
I tried referencing my HexMesh_BP to it as shown. Am I going in right direction?

It didn’t work

ThankYou Its working Now.



needs to be of type hex tile.

Another way of explaining it, this param


is an actor. I needs to be a hex tile.

drag a pin from “Touched Actor” and put a CastToHexMesh node

then you can connect that node to your Find node