How to find in depth information on every Blueprint and other assets?

I’m new to ark modding, and modding in general, so I don’t understand what most of the files mean or are for. The mods I am trying to develop are mainly small and personal, fixing little nitpicks I have with the game. Is there any website or article I can go on to find more information about these components? If not, Il’l just ask a few questions here:

  • What is cooking a mod? Is it necessary to upload a mod?

  • What does it mean to compile an asset? Is it necessary?

  • What is the difference between the Dino_Character_BP file and the other more specific Character_BP files (for example, Argent_Character_BP)?

  • I’m trying to make a mod that allows flying dinos to continue holding dinos in their talons without players riding them. I found an asset in each of the flying Character_BP files that says “Allow Carry Character Without Rider” and “Retain Carried Character On Dismount”. I tried enabling these options and integrating them into a mod, but it seems to not have worked. I have gotten other similar mods to work so uploading was not an issue. Is there something im missing?

I’m sure several of these questions have been answered in the past, but I haven’t been able to find them. I would appreciate your help.

All of ARK’s dino classes are derived(children) of Dino_Character_BP. For example, Argent_Character_BP is derived from Dino_Character_BP. Your own characters can be derived from existing child classes. For example, you could make a child of Argent_Character_BP(ie. Grabbing_Argent_Character_BP) and put it in your mod folder, Then make the changes that you want to your new character BP, compile and save your character BP, and, finally, add your character class to your mod’s PGD(primal game data) in the “Additional Dino Classes” array. Next, open PIE(play in editor), and try spawning in your new character. The answers to your other questions are, yes, these steps are necessary, but there are better places to get detailed information as to the reasons for this.