How to find hidden functions of a class which don't appear in the right click menu of the Blueprint editor


I was trying to reproduce the Blueprint from [this answer][1]. Some of the nodes are in right click + type the name of the node, but others are not, like the "Get Level

Sequence" and “Get Sources” functions. I tried with and without the “Context Sensitive” checkbox.

I found some of these functions were used inside the functions in VirtualCamera Content/V2VCam Function Library (e.g. if I click on the “Start Recording” function in

the library, I see “Get Sources” is used, and I can copy-paste it).

Doing so magically made the ClassVCam Function Library group in the Blueprint’s right-click, I’m quite sure it was not there before. **How did that happen and how do I

do it the proper way (instead of copy-pasting a random function)?**


I also found [a Blueprint online here][5] which contained the “Get Level Sequence”, so I was able to copy-paste it into my Blueprint to get that function.

**How would I add these nodes to my Blueprint myself without having to find a source for copy-pasting? These functions do not appear in the Blueprint’s right-click, but copy-

pasting from a .txt works, do people actually write a .txt by hand, guess the name and copy-paste it into the Blueprint, or is there a proper way to access these hidden


I think this has to do with classes, but I looked in all the classes in “VirtualCamera Content” and couldn’t find a “Function Library” with these functions (even if they are

used in some functions of the Function Libraries)

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: