How to find "free room for work" in Britain?

How to find “free room for work” in Britain?

What keywords should i look for?

I don’t understand what you mean when you say ‘free room for work’ are you looking for a job in the UK?

“free room for work” is when someone lets you live at there house but instead of paying rent you do a couple of hours work a day for them, by doing that you can live somewhere like London without having to pay the really high rent prices, plus you could then divide your time between say a part time job and game developing;).

Oooh thanks, makes sense now haha…You want to search for something like ‘jobs with accommodation’ I’ve seen a few caretaker roles but these are mostly full time jobs. There are some live-in-carer jobs but this is an awful lot of responsibility and again mostly full-time positions.

I’d let you crash at my place in exchange for shop missions and tea making but my missus would probably chop my sausage off and I only have one room. :slight_smile:

Why would she? oO I am not a girl. Do i sound like a girl?

Hahaha!! Nooo, not at all…She just doesn’t like strangers in our house :confused:

ok honey ^^