how to find an item in structure array just by name ??

I need help, i have an array called inventory its a structure.
i want these nodes to set variable called 9mm which is ammo,
so i need to check the inventory of player and find 9mm item by find (array) to get an index and then
get a (copy) and break it to get the amount of 9mm inside the inventory and then set the variable.
but the problem is the amount before find node; that node try to find just 1 item or the amount what i set, so
when the player have more or less then that it will not find the item, i need to set the amount infinity or
more then 0 means 1 and more or just find item just by name.
so how i can make it ??
this is a screenshot

Let’s say I want to replenish all 9mm ammo in my inventory and I don’t know / care how many clips there are:

Does this help?

You can use additional conditions to filter it down even further:

The above will only replenish empty magazines.

If you just want to read data, skip SetMember and SetArray.

Thank you so much, you helped me a lot
here is the result - YouTube

That looks good! Nice and smooth.

Good luck with the rest.

Sorry, but the links are no longer available. Can you suggest a solution again?