How to find a culprit BP from memory address in VS debugger causing build error message?

I am trying to build out my project, but I keep running into a nasty error message about a BP reroute node… :frowning:

It compiles all of the 1000 shaders and everything and just before it would finish it spits out all these messages below :frowning:

Can’t figure out how to find the guilty BP reroute node…


Managed to catch the error in VS debugger, because the error was coming up on editor startup as well.

Does anyone know how do I find the bp node from this:-

I tried adding breakpoints before building, but they are not catched…

How do you debug these kind of errors?

Managed to find it by starting the project from VS in DebugGame Editor mode. In the Autos I was able to find that nasty BP.