How to figure out who is the moderator of the forum section?

I need moderator’s assistance to rename one of the threads I’ve started. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to whom I should send a pm. More specifically “Work in progress” section of the forum.

any of us can rename a thread for you, just find one of us that’s online and we can help you, we don’t have specific sections although some of us frequent certain areas more then others.

I usually send a moderator a PM, that way it notified them of it when they come online. As for finding a moderator, they are pretty easy to spot, you have Fighter, Darthviper, , Exi, and a few others.

don’t forget Allar, the newest moderator:inf:


that new smiley hardly ever works:p

Yes, you can just PM any of us. We are moderating all forum sections at once (:

@: Yeah, it recently started to break for me too ):

You can also report your own thread and it’ll send an email to everyone

Aaaah, but please don’t do this to get a rename x) This will really alert EVERYONE of us.

For renaming just PM ONE of us :smiley:

Thank you guys! I’ll send PM asap.