How to fake mobility control in BP?

I ran into two situations where I needed control over component mobility in a graph but I was only able to solve one.
The first was when I had to change a mesh from being static to movable in the construction script based on some logic. I ended up with two static mesh components, one static, one movable, with only one of them visible and colliding at any given time. Hacky but good enough.

However the same trick doesn’t work when it comes to light components and fixing the “more than four stationary lights are overlapping” warning. Since the AffectsWorld flag can’t be set in BP I figured I set intensity to zero on the ignored light component. However that does not seem to affect the automatic light channel assignment, so the now totally dark lights are using up channels meant for actually visible ones. Makes sense as in theory I could turn them back on anytime, but it made me wonder if there is a more proper workaround for mobility control.