How to Fade Widget In and Out based on Trigger Box

So this has been annoying.
I tried using some other articles and none of them happens to work.

Here is the code in blueprints I currently have. This manages to get the text on screen and play the animation BUT the animation only works the first time you enter trigger box and does not work again and no fade out occurs.

So basically, how can I get the text to fade on screen when i enter trigger box, and fade off when I leave and it works all the time (:

Thanks for the help

Most of your blueprint makes sense but I am not sure about the fadeinout animation
Because you tell it to play only once and only when the widget is first created.
If the animation ends on totally faded out then even if you make it visible when user enters overlap, then you cannot see it.

I don’t know dude I tried it, ue4 has not been working out for me

I think that @mightyenigma is correct try to call the Play Animation on overlap and you be fine.