How to fade to black over distance?

maybe I’m just a bit thick, but is there a simple way to limit the view distance by fading objects to black or transparent in the distance? Maybe some kind of postprocess effect?

I tried using a height fog but if use a color with a low value like black it doesn’t generate the desiered effect.
Maybe somebody ran into the same Problem.


Here is an effect to do that. You have to create a post process volume, set it to unbound, and go to the Misc tab to set this material instance as a blendable.

Use the instance to tweak the effect.

link text

Wow this was fast! Thank you very much. And it’s already almost what I’m looking for, only thing that is not right on the point is that the fade seems to happen in kind of a linear fashion, But I guess I can figure out myself how to make it work in a spherical or circular way, at least if this is possible.
Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

Hi, thanks Roel for the material, MrBlank did you manage to modify it to work in a spherical way? wanting to have it behave that way but not sure how to make it…


Could you please explain in more details?