How to fade out objects spawned along a spline one by one over time?

Hey guys. First, I am an artist and quite new to blueprints but slowly getting my foot into it.
I am currently working on a blueprint where I spawn a number of objects along a spline. now I want to hide/destroy them one by one over a time of 5 seconds. So the obect spawned at the beginning of the spline disappears first and the one at the end last.

I guess I somehow have to do it with a **timeline **and GetLocationAtDistanceAlongSpline but I couldn’t figure out how to have them communicate with the objects I spawned.

Thank you very much for any help! :slight_smile:

This is how I spawned my objects along the spline:

Desired Result:


Hi man,
You can create a dynamic material,
the material should be masked or something like that, i messed up the words for that.
the material need to have an opacity Parameter.

Create an instance for every object
Set the parameter of every instanced material in time.

You can also use more complex material with ramps to fade perfectly

for each individual actor, setup an event tick with a do once. after the do once set a delay for how long after the spawn you want them to dissappear. Then after the delay ends set the meshes material to a fading material. set a delay with the length of time the material fades, after that delay destroy actor.

Thanks for the help guys. I can see how its supposed to work but I went with toggle visibility instead.
But I seem to have misunderstood something about arrays/for each loop. Shouldnt this trigger the visibility of one Array-Index after another every second? Looks like nothing is happening though. :frowning:
Its my first time working with arrays…

Thanks very much!

HMM Well first you’re not setting any array element item at the end. Secondly, instead of Toggle visibility, why don’t you SET visibility? also, why are you using a spline, im thinking why dont you just use target locations to spawn? and why are you using an array? did you try my approach?

Hey, Well. The Spline can have various lengths and the Amount of objects spawned along the Spline should vary. Is there another way to communicate with single objects spawned along the spline as with arrays? Oh and setting the Item in the “Set Array Elem” doesnt change anything.
Also when the “Delay” is active nothing happens, when I put it out of the chain every second object is hidden only. It just doesnt make any sense to me. :frowning: