How to factor a mesh component into a player character's collision?

Kind of hard to articulate this. When I add a cube mesh to my player character I want it to work as a blocking part of its collision but instead it just clips through any static obstacle I walk into. The cube mesh will push physics objects around but it won’t stop the player movement like the capsule does. What do I need to make the attached cube component part of the player’s collision? Thanks in advance!!

You need to set up the mesh cube collision properly (by default collision preset is set to ‘BlockAllDynamic’), e.g. simply set the cube collision preset to ‘pawn’. Or if you want its collision set to another preset (e.g. ‘custom’) make sure that the collision response for the ‘pawn’ channel is set to ‘Block’. Should do the trick either way.

Nah I tried that already, didn’t change anything.

Did you check if the static objects have a some sort of collision?
Check in the static mesh editor. You should see a green outline or shape around your object.

You will need to add a Box Collision from the Add Component drop down list and parent it to your cube.

Then tweak it to how you want.

Hope it helps.

Tried it, the box collision still clips through static objects.

Lol yes, they have collision.

You’re right, I should have checked, doesn’t work.

From what I understand, the built in character class’s movement component only works off the inherited capsule’s collision. If you want to use something else for movement collision, you will need to create your own movement component.

“The CapsuleComponent is used for movement collision. In order to calculate complicated geometries for the CharacterMovementComponent, there is an assumption that the collision component in the Character class is a vertically-oriented capsule.”

Ohhh, ok interesting. Thanks for your response!