How to face forward while moving backwards - 3rd person


Above is what I have for control as per the awesome tutorials. I am now wondering how to keep the character facing away from the camera when moving backwards. As it is, pressing W moves it forward, then pressing S moves it backwards but the character turns to face the direction it is moving. I want to be able to move backwards from an enemy while still firing at the enemy. Thanks for any assistance.

i remember this was an option not in the bp graph but in the class settings / defaults if its a default controller.

something like “camera use control rotation yaw”

Edit: now i noticed i missunderstood you first.

you currently take the yaw rotation of the controller (so where the mouse is looking) then you tell the program to create a vector from this rotation wich will be fed into the movement. somewhere you tell the pawn to always rotate into the move direction - as a result, you character will only be running forward, the direction is “view yaw” ± “control direction” (- per wasd keys i guess)

i dont know your current setup of pawn/camera/controller

id take a look into the “first person template” and take a look at how its set up (controller movement and pawn and its camera)

theres a few things like control rotation/transform rules for camera and controller and how they relate to eachother.

Edit: 2nd hit on google when i search for “ue4 3rd person character no rotate”

There is a check box “Orient Rotation to Movement” in your movement component, which is turned on in the 3rd person template, turn it off