How to extract Paper2D?

Hi there…

Since Paper2D misses some really important Parts in Isometric Mapping for me, i wanted to extract the whole Plugin and create a new one based on it, that fits my needs…

My question now is:
How to do that?
Source is incouded in the Plugin Folder. But how to create a new Plugin based on that Source?

What i want to implement:
• Allowing negative DrawOffset in the Tileset
• Add a Tag string per Tile
• Give each tile a TerrainOffset Variable
• Give a Tileset a Bool to define if it uses autotiling or not
• Add Per Layer Offset in the Tilemap
• Add a Brush to raise/lower Tiles TerrainOffset
• Implement Autotiling!
• Edit Set-/GetTile to make use of my Features

In my opinion Important to create Topdown 2D Games!