How to extract armor from the Infinity Blade: Warriors?

Guys how could i extract the helmet, armor, etc from the Infinity Blade skeletal mesh and reimport them to Unreal? It would be awesome for my RPG game.


The easy way was Add “Infinity Blad: Warriors” pack to a progect by pressing Add to project

Then select your progect where you need this set and press add to project

After you open next tine your project you found the Set files in your content folder

Just delete Maps folder the rest was the characters

Enjoy the potatos

Second way to do this. Go in the project in the folder “Content\InfinityBladeWarriors\Character\CompleteCharacters”, here you found all characters of this project

Press right click on the folder you want to explore in explorer

Copy all file

Open the second project where you want to inser them, Right click on folder where you want to pase this content and press to show in explorer

Now paste files you copyed from the pack in your project

Enjoy the potatos

I think you didnt understand me, i was asking about how to extract, from the skeletal meshes, some parts of them. For example there are some characters with armor, helmet, etc etc. Do i have to import them to autodesk 3ds max and extract those parts?

Oh you mean this xD. In advice I tell you that you cant export the material from the warrior to reuse it after you change the geometry in max. This is what you want from character

This is how it look detached in Maya. Max and maya was both from autodesk and the metod of work is similar changed only the method to work with. I prefer maya becouse is more faster and you can make not only fast modelling but sculpting, rigging, animation and VFX. Aniway you need to select the faces from what is composed the geometry you need to extraxc and detach chem from the character becouse they are all combined. The problems is was that they are all in triangles caused from triangulate when import in UE4 so you need work alot on cleanup before you can use it. No quads = no edge flow, no edge flow = no animation.

After this words lets see how to export a mesh from ue4. right click what you want to export. Go in Asset Action - Export

Choise FBX format and save.

Open Max File - Import and found your exported mesh in your computer. Enjoy

To export the texture is the same work. Double click mesh in Content Browser go in material and click found material in content browser

It select in content browser the material now double click it and it will oppen the material nodes. From here you need to export all Texture Sample that was different map like diffuse, ambient occlusion and normal maps in this case.

Select 1 texture sample click in detail search in content browser and it select the texture in content browser

Now how you did with stati mesh right click - Asset Action - Export

Coise TGA format and save.

You can make a material in 3DS max and assign the different texture map on different slots.
PS: If you modify the original mesh the textures is not more valid and you need to make new 1.

Wow thank you for your fast answer dude! The problem is that i dont know how to use maya or 3ds max so i will have to learn about that and apart that part of my game to the final :smiley:

Thank you so much!

If you want to learn 3D software package I suggest you to use Maya becouse after modelling you can sculpt, rig, animate and make vfx effect in same program. For learning is realy long way but if you want the fasters go in pluralsight online school (is payement one 29,90 mounthly) I use it already 2 years is realy nice. If you want to learn free search in youtoube learning channels for the software you want to learn.

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