How to extend effects, What software should I use for modeling and are there any tutorials?

Im trying to make a poison arrow and Im using the effect of the Narcotic Traps(Poison Trap), it works knocks out everything but its radius of smoke is too small and goes away farely quick, how do I extend it, seems pretty easy but I have no idea where it is. I also want to make a model for it using maybe the metal arrow change its color add some tweaks perhaps a blinking led light so it means it explodes etc. Can anyone link me any tutorials, software to work this with please and thank you in advance.

Lets break down you problem a bit.
The Smoke/Gas you see is something we call a Particle Effects.
To make it bigger and last longer you need to change is size and life time.

To get the basic of how paricles work take a look at this video.

As for you metal arrow model. there are several programs you can use. some of them are free some of them not. here is a lost of programs.
Cinema 4D

Im sure i missed some. but these are the once people prefere.

As of the blinking red light on the arrow. i can currently think of two ways to do this.
One by toggeling a light source. and the other is to switch between two materials on the arrow.

Thank you Ill check those programs out. I got it working for the poison arrow the smoke is bigger and lasts longer. On the other hand Im trying to make a flame Arrow and a Explosive arrow have an effect when they hit a target directly the target start burning I have the health thing working, but the fire effect doesnt last long enough to be noticeable after the explotion, how can I fix I know it has to be done when hitting flesh I increased the life span in the effects but is not working, perhaps it has to be withing the projectile effect, pelase do let me know.