How to extend action mapping w/o losing existing?

My character has fire action mapping, and I would like to extend (append some additional actions w/o losing existing) this action in the tutorial map.

Or the only way to do this is to create a public bool variable in my character class?

The goal is to show some text after a character makes 1st shot.

Based on this: Input | Unreal Engine Documentation

I think you could simply override the functionality in the level blueprint. The level blueprint would consume the input and it wouldn’t be forwarded to the controlled pawn anymore.

There’s some misunderstanding, I think

I have fire function implemented in my character class.
And I Want to firek( already existing input) which is bind to mouse left

and in Level BP I would like to extend it. so it would call fire function from character class and then continue execution on level BP

fut if I just add left mouse to the level BP and add some functionality it stops firing(

Hope I do make it a bit more clearer for you!

Thank you for your time!