how to export to android?

Good afternoon here in Colombia, i wounder how export to Android a level build on UE4. I followed every the steps of here no avail. and pressing the option as you can see in the pictureítulo%20(2).png appears to me thatítulo.png.

I wonder if you have to configure something somewhere else. sorry for my english. Thanks!

Check your environment paths.ítulo%20(3).png


Try removing the “\bin” from the end of your JAVA_HOME variable. I can’t see the full paths on the rest of the vars, so I’m not sure if there may be problems with those, too.

I already did that and nothing :frowning:

Hm, ok. This is a known issue that we working on nailing down. Would you mind posting this to this AnswerHub thread with your Android environment variables? That may help us figure out what’s going on.