How to export my movie director?

i have a specific movie director that i want to record but when i click on create movie icon it decides to completely ignore my camera path and i must move the camera manually to record like in game scene. unfortunately unreal engine made it too complicated for us.

You need to click Movie button, not Record.

yes i click the movie botton but it starts to record. i want to creat a movie same as my movie director

what do u mean "start game inside engine window " ??

Be sure to have the start game inside engine window then press creating movie button. It is a small bug I think. If your game is openning in a new window or as separate game the movie is not recording. After you will see the movie just close the window and in your project folders in folder saved you have the video capture folder and there you will find your recording.

Weird. Can you create a new project that replicates this issue and upload for me to look at please?

That should not be happening so please report this as a bug with repro steps in a new post.

The screenshot looks like it would work fine, but as i said it would be better if you can provide a project. Create a new blank project, setup a simple matinee sequence that behaves like this and then zip&upload that project so that we can take a look and see what is wrong.

i can’t upload it because the project file for unreal can’t be less than 5.2 mb
anyways this small box shows up whenerver i press the recod botton and it moves when i move the mouse and it records any movement i do in this small box in avi format !!

i have tried everything and i still don’t know to export a simle movie !!

ciao .
anche io ho provato a fare il video.
devi premere il tasto play in matinee
quello che vedi viene registrato in un video nella cartella saved nel tuo progetto.
quando e finito il filmato premi esc.
quello che vedi quello registra ,
io ci sono riuscito in pochi minuti
per errore ho rimasto a registrare ha fatto un video di 74GB ahahhaha
spero ti sono stato di aiuto. ciao

I also tried to make the video.
you have to press the play button in matinee
what you see is recorded in a video folder saved in your project.
and when finished the movie press esc.
what you see records,
I succeeded in a few minutes
by mistake I did stayed recording a video of 74GB ahahhaha
I hope I have been of help. hello