How to export multiple Xgen Grooms using Simple_Hair_UV script

Im using the Simple_Hair_UV script found in the Xgen UE documentation however when i imported my IGS alembic file that i exported, i has 3 different description and multiple splinegrp .
How do i add multiple groups and curves in the script?
Tried using " ; " and " , " in between each group and it doesn’t work.

Here is the outliner of the imported alembic main hair file.

I have the same problem, I am becoming crazy triying to export all at the same time, because in my case is impossible to attach the splines groups.

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Best is to use a different exporter, there is an alembic exporter for hair created by epic, thats what i use and it works great. I’ve been fixing hair problems for around a week now because of the lack of documentation a lot of it was trial and error.
The last 2 problems i couldn’t fix is how to assign a tube texture on the hair when the V slot from the hair attributes expression node doesn’t work. And how to fix normals/tangent problems on short hair, on peach fuzz, beard, eyebrows and eyelaches in Lighting only mode it looks like the normals are hard and the tangents are broken, some hair look black while other are white but in albedo mode all have the same color. Tried re exporting multiple times, i have them parented to the scalp mesh i used that has 0-1 space uv’s, tried plugging in the tangents and the depth of the hair attributes expression nod to the hair material and while it does change the effect it doesn’t look right either.
No on seems to know how to fix this, the lack of documentation is really hindering the hair.

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Thank you very much!

I have tried the external script and now the UVs work but the density doesn’t. I will keep testing if i can find what is wrong.

I only want to know if are you using this script?

It’s working now, the problem was the path, because I am not the adminstrator of the computer and with the script change a bit the location of the files.

Now is working perfect, thank you again!

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Yeah i use that script and it works fine just cant get the V and fix the normals/tangents to work right on small hair, besides that everything looks good.

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