How to export landscape and convert to a mesh?

When exporting a landscape from UDK, it exports as a .raw file (which is essentially a heightmap).

Does anyone know how I can convert the .raw into a mesh (like a .fbx or .obj)?

I think there is a terrain program out that will do that. think the name is L3DT something, Been a long time sense i used it, so the name i am thinking of could be way off. It was a terrain making program. Found this should give you everything you are after.

7 Best Free Terrain Generator Software For Windows (

Thanks for the tips :wink:

I just tested TerreSculptor, which is able to load up the .raw file nicely.

Update: Wow, I just discovered you can simply click on the landscape actor in the editor, then file->export->selected_only. This will then allow you to export it as a .obj file.

The nice thing about this, rather then exporting through the landscape editor (which exports as a .raw) is the individual components are individually separated when importing into a 3d modelling program.

sweet, glad those helped. Sounds like you are trying something with the terrain? or landscape? just Curious what are you doing?

The issue i’m trying to solve is cutting holes in the landscape for cave entrances. Currently you can use the landscape visibility tool to cut holes, however doing this means that you can no longer trace physical materials on the component you cut the hole. So footsteps won’t be able to detect what type of surface they’re walking on.

I’m considering adding an additional collision mesh to landscape components that i want holes, disabling collision on the default component collision (but leaving zero-extend collision for traces), then using the custom mesh for pawn collision, and cutting the hole in the custom mesh.

The one thing that’s stopping me from doing this at the moment, is that I can’t seem to add an opacity mask layer to the landscape material (it just shows as black when i paint it on the landscape).

If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Ahh, i never tried doing that. I did this in one map, Added 2 complete landscapes and then took one and cut out a trench then used the other to be the trenches floor. That is as far as i went on trying that type of thing.

I would love to solve the underlying issue of why cutting a hole with the visibility tool breaks the tracing of physical materials on that component. Then I wouldn’t have to come up with elaborate hacks to work around this issue.

Well, from texture to mesh is possible I think. What I don’t know is how… Maybe in blender you can blender does all sorts of things.

Make sure that the texture your using is checked to be used with landscape.

That just got me excited. Unfortunately I already have the landscape material I’m using checked for “Use with Landscape”.

Darn, i was hoping that would solve your issue :frowning: