How to export animation from maya to ue4?

Hello everyone ,

I just start learning ue4 third person character controller setup ,for this i have done some animation in maya 2017 and i want to export the animation in ue4 to setup animation state and character blueprint .but i am not understanding the proper way that how to export the animation ,please see the details below for my expectation…

  1. i have used Artv1 for mannequin character for animation .
  2. I have created ideal animation with holding gun in one hand hand then i created another animation for gun reloading ,in gun reloading the character removing the magazine from gun and reloading new magazine in gun .
  3. Now i want to export both the animation in ,ideal and reloading in ue4 ,and i will blend the both animation using animation blend layer 1d .

so question is ,should i export the animation with including gun with mannequin in ue 4 ? in both the case ideal and reloading animation ,if yes then how can i blend both the animation in ue4?

2.should i export character animation and gun animation separately ? and attached the gun in ue4 to create gun socket . if yes then how can i add the magazine removing and reloading animation with character .?

please suggest me best solution ?

one more thing i would like to share while importing the animation in ue4 this will give me the pop up box that rig and animation bone hierarchy is not matching .

Most of the people face the problem to export the animation from maya to Unreal.Here you can find the answer.In this video tutorial i have shown how to rig the robot then export the animation from maya to unreal.i also shown how to import the animation into Unreal.
I Simply rig the Robot with Joints and i did not used any constraint or IK.

After Watch this tutorial you will learn the method of exporting the animation for maya and importing into unreal Engine.this is very simple technique but very useful.
Tutorial Here