How to export and upload correctly an asset?

This question can be stupid but I’m not a game developer, I’m a 3D artist with just basic gamedev basics but my field is another one (renders).
So, I wanted anyway to try to sell (or to publish, at least) some low-poly static objects, optimized for the usage.
I’ve made something already, tested and set, ready to be used, but I haven’t understood exactly what to upload here. Sorry, probably it’s written somewhere but I’m not finding it.

I suppose I’ve to upload an “uasset” file, to preserve the material settings, right? Well, how do I export this uasset file exactly, and correctly, for the marketplace? If I select the models and the materials (should I select also the textures? I think yes, since some have different custom properties like being set as different than sRGB), and I click on “Asset actions > Export”, I can’t choose “uasset”, in the formats. So what’s the procedure?

Other questions: in the publisher here I see, under Product Files, “Project Versions”. It asks to put the link of a project that I have to upload elsewhere. Well, this confuses me, why do I have to upload an entire project? Does the uasset file get ripped from it by the system before the customer downloads it? If so, then what folder does it want in the browser content, to rip them? I’m a bit unsure about how to prepare the project and to pack it correctly for that, then.

I think my confusion is just given by my usual way to mean 3D products, since I sell already (for render purposes) in other stocks…

(Suggestion: please add some kind of guide for non-seasoned-gamedevs about precise requirements and preparation of the files…)

You don’t need to export files, you need to save the project, and create a ZIP from that project to upload on the marketplace.

More about how to organize project to publish you can read here: Marketplace Guidelines - Unreal Engine


You need to send a Project File Link that navigates to a hosting site of your choose. For that you need to zip up the entire project and upload it.

But most importantly you should check the Marketplace Guidelines there should be everything you need to know. :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks a lot! Yes, ok, I’ll do that. I was definitely confused.

But then this means that reviewers will extract the contents from the project to make them downloadable?
Has the project to stay on a cloud forever or the customer downloads directly from the marketplace after the review?

It’s just for the review, after that it will be downloadable from the marketplace :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks a lot. :slight_smile: