How to export an animated camera from sequencer with time dilation applied?

HI, I’d like to have the exported fbx cam to have the time dilation applied…is it possible ? Thank you!

The export process just steps through frame by frame and evaluates the camera, so it’s not possible as is. If it’s a constant time dilation, you could just multiply the resulting fbx curve by that constant value. Another strategy is to play back your sequence with the time dilation and record it with Take Recorder, that will effectively bake out the time dilation and then you can export it.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll try the take recorder solution - have a great day!

Within the Movie Render Queue Output settings (and assuming you’re exporting an image sequence), you could try changing the File Name Format to " {sequence_name}.{frame_number_rel} " instead of the default " {sequence_name}.{frame_number} "

Hope this helps!

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