How to export a model from C4D to be used in UE4?

I’ve been trying to export a model a friend made for me to UE4 but I keep getting the error “No smoothing group information was found in this FBX scene.” How can I export/import a model with the material and not have any issues with it?

Are you trying to export as FBX?

Yes, and the model/material is messed up every time I try to import it, no matter what settings I use.

The “No smoothing group information was found in this FBX scene.” message is not important. This is a 3ds max setting - C4D does not handle smoothing groups the same way Max does, just ignore it. To get to export of an FBX, remember to give all meshes a material, and set the phong angle correctly. Also, dont have too many meshes in the same FBX if you can avoid it - can create some issues. The FBX export from C4D has some issues, especially to Substance and also some times to Unreal. But most of the time C4D - FBX - UE4 works ok.
A trick i sometimes use is to merge all meshes and split them by material, then UV map each material.

What kind of issues are you having? Artifacts in UV map, normals ?

I’m not sure what the problem is exactly, but the model is supposed to look like it does in the first image (pink) and it turns out like it does in the second. The edges just like…don’t exist?

It looks like the backfaces are showing? Did you check that normals are aligned correctly in C4D? Yellow is correct, blue is inverted. If so, turning on 2-sided in the material should also fix the issue…

I tried aligning normals but it still doesn’t fix it. Not sure what to do.

Aligning or flipping? To me it looks like your faces are inside out - flipping the normals should fix it