How to export a complete mod for use on another computer?

I have bought a new Computer, but I have a little problem, I can only copy the folder to the new computer with same folder-path, if I don´t want to change all assets…
Is there no easier way, like move a folder in the devkit?

I don’t exactly know what it is you’re asking, but if you’re referring to copying mods over to a new ADK install, it may not work. I’ve not tested the following, but you can try it.

In theory, all of the following need to be copied to the exact same place, in the new directory.

Mods folder: “\ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Content\Mods”

ModTools folder: “”\ARKDevKit\ModTools"

Saved folder: “\ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Saved” Mods.db file.


This is the way, how I make my backups, but my problem is, my SSHD has the wrong letter (it´s E:) and on my other PC the DevKit was installed on D:, but D is only a normal HDD…
I must look, maybe it´s possible to change the letters^^

If you’re on your old computer, the one with the mods on it, just right click the mods folder and choose the, find in explporer.