How to export a blueprint to another readable format?

I would find useful to be able to export what I see in my blueprint to a file, like a pdf, png, jpg, etc so I can show/present the blueprint to other colleagues without having to have UE4 for that.

Is there any export options for this?.

Hey Artemix-

Your best bet would be to use Alt+Print Screen to take a screenshot of only the blueprint window, then paste it in another program like Photoshop or Paint and save it in the format you want.


I figured as much, thanks. Btw, I didn’t eccept your answer as correct, however it shows as correct.

Would be awesome if someone could implement export to png in the blueprint file options, maybe even with “only selected” =)

That would boost the community communication and blogger tutorials if it where that easy… Blueprint could become quite huge

Not quite the same, but if you copy your nodes into your buffer, you can paste them as cleartext to notepad, google docs, pastebin or whatever. Then you can copy and paste them back into a project on any other machine.

It’s a very handy feature.

the cleartext isn’t what you’d call ‘readable’ but I don’t think it’s really meant to be.

Hey MarcelBlanck-

I have submitted a feature request for the option to save/export a blueprint in an image format (UE-5768). Let us know on the forums or in a new AnswerHub post if you have any other opinions on ways to improve the engine.


I can’t find it. Was it deleted? It would be still requested.

This sounds like it might be useful: it renders an online version of your blueprint.