how to exit from wireframe in 5.2.0? (the mod with many black squares) I am Neaug(my friend's discord) and 20.neagu(if you dont have discord)

it s a mod with many black squares and we got there from a mistake

something like this but its in 4.26 and we use 5.2.0

Hey there @mihneapascal09! Welcome to the community! This looks like you’re inside of a material editor window. You can close this by clicking the x on this window’s tab, or swapping back to another tab like your level itself.

Thanks buddy!!!

If it doesn’t work you can tell me an aplication we can use to comunicate?

You can always contact me here via this thread or in the DMs on the forums here! Just say the magic summon words: @SupportiveEntity and I appear (eventually).