How to execute commands through this new "search for help" thing?

Having to type “t.maxfps 60” every time you start the editor to not make it sound like you have a jet engine in your room is bad enough, but now you removed the ability to do it? Sure that can’t be, but how does one do it then because now it just jumps to some sort of documentation.

Hit the tilde (~) key in any viewport to bring up the console commands box (It was moved to accomodate the search for help box)

neither “¨” or “§” work…
(in scandinavian layout we have (§/½) key where you tilde key is, and tilde where your ( )/] )key is )

so should I reclassify this as a bug report?

I’d say if its not working, then yes, this is a bug. Whats the normal key to bring up the console ingame on the scandinavian layout? As It should be the same key in the editor

in games like Battlefield 4 and Skyrim, it is (§). Which is most certainly not working in UE4, so I post a bug report.