How to execute an event in Level Blueprint from HUD (save button ) overlay

Going sort of insane doing something that I know is easy to do in other software, and I’m sure it’s easy to do here, but finding the right information has been many hours of reading, testing, watching videos that going off on some tangent.

Here is the gist. I have a Save Game System. I have it working in my Level Blueprint. A Custom Event launches it,

SAVE_HERE (or some such name).

I put together my interface, for a pause button, resume play, and SAVE. I’m having a helluva time trying to get the SAVE button to execute an event in Level Blueprint.

I’ve read and tried binds, dispatches, function setups etc… I cannot seem to access the Custom Event in my Level Blueprint and now the thirty web pages I have up are starting to blur together.

Note : When you set up a HUD (UMG) you rely on what you get, the OnClicked node is what gets attached to the button, not that it can’t execute events and functions and whatever, but i haven’t been able to bridge this gap yet.