How to exclude base C++ classes from Blueprint dropdown lists?

I have a base class with a few derived classes. The base class is abstract so it cannot be instantiated. I then have a Blueprint node that allows you to choose a class type of the type of the base class. Therefore when you click on the dropdown list on the Blueprint node, it shows all the derived classes as options. However the problem is that is also shows the base class as an option too. But I don’t ever want the base class to be an option. I assume by using UCLASS(Abstract) that would tell the Blueprint not to allow the base class as an option, but it doesn’t. Is there some other UCLASS specifier that I can use to solve this problem?

I know this screams ‘necroposting’, but this question is still the first one showing up on google for a similar request and it was left unanswered - so why not answering it anyway.

I had the same problem and personally I was able to fix it using the HideDropdown UCLASS specifier.