How to exclude assets from package?


After cooking and creating a .pak file in shipping configuration, we’ve realized that the package file contains:

  • Every single .uplugin in Engine/Plugins
  • Every single .res & .cnv in Engine/Content/Internationalization
  • Every single .png in Engine/Content/Slate
  • Every single .uasset in Engine/EngineSounds
  • Every single .uasset in Engine/Content/Tutorial
  • Every single asset in every single folder of our game’s Content folder

In the DefaultEditor.ini we only added the maps we want to [AllMaps] and [AlwaysCookMaps]. I understand that if an object in one of the desired maps references another object somewhere else, the other object and its map get loaded too, but how are the editor png’s and sounds and localization assets get included in the package as well?



Hi TooManyCrashes,

Due to the large volume of questions and comments concerning the Engine, we did not have a chance to respond to your post at the time you submitted it. However, if you are still interested, the following documentation describes how to optimize your project’s final package size:

Reducing APK Package Size


Unreal only packages assets referenced by your packaged maps/game mode/game instance/ini files. If some content tutorial is packaged, it means you reference it somewhere. Use reference viewer to check it