How to evoke the FBX Import Options Dialog again?

When importing an fbx, you’re greeted with the dialog where you can configure how the imports behave in UE4 space. Let’s say I’m a dummy and I imported the mesh incorrectly and Z is now the right vector.

How can I have this window appear again? Things I’ve tried that don’t work:

  • reimporting
  • reimport with new file
  • dragging and dropping into Content Browser
  • using the Import button in the editor
  • renaming assets
  • moving assets around

Deleting and importing an asset works, of course - but that’s what I’m trying to avoid. Is there a way?




Cheers! That does it.

One day I’m gonna grab a bunch of cookies, a jug of coffee and just read the whole bloody list… :smiley:

Then you find something useful and think “Ah - I’ll remember that!”, and when you come to actually use it, it’s gone again…

( I’ve just tried to upload an image here about 10 times, oh well… )