How to ensure same grid and rotation when placing multiple objects?

Hi, I have made some tilable building sets that snap together, but I am struggling with proper placement relative to the previous object I placed.

Say I have a building wall, and a corner. I place the wall and rotate it where I want it to. Now I place my corner, but I cannot make it fit with the wall, it appears to be on a different local grid and rotation angle than the previous object I placed instead of a global grid.

How do I make object use the same grid and angle snapping during initial placement?
The only way I found so far is to place one asset, then copy the position and rotation to every asset after this, axis by axis. But this is obviously extremely slow and tedious.

A few things to know here:

  1. When you place objects in the world, they will come in with default rotation. If you rotate the first brick and start building from there, every other brick you drag in will also need to be rotated. It’s often a good idea to make ‘the wall’ unrotated, then rotate it afterwards.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the two different rotation modes for moving models. World rotation:

See the widget is in world orientation. Because the cubes are not in alignment with the world, the widget is rotated. Local rotaton:


Now see I’m getting the cube’s local widget.

  1. When snapping objects together, even if you have the right grid size, if one of the objects is not actually ON the grid, you’ll have problems. To make sure an object is aligned to grid, select it and type CTRL-END.

Thank you! CTRL-End basically solved my issue.