How to enlarge textures

Hey, im new here, sorry for the stupid question.

Im making a world that the player is a tiny creature, so the texture of the floor, that is sandy, need to be enlarged, in the way that gravels and imperfections in the surface are more or less proportional to the size of the character.

How do i make that?


You can scale the input UV’s that go into the textures.

It depends on the UV source on how you do that - if it’s a TexCord, you can specify a scale in the details panel (when you’ve clicked on it).

Otherwise you can just multiply the Float2 UV by an amount before it goes into the textures - multiplying it by less than 1.0 increases the size, greater than 1.0 decreases the size.

If you have no input into the UV pin of your textures - you’ll need to add one. Usually “LandscapeLayerCoords” for a landscape or TexCord for a mesh.