How to enlarge point/coin score system in top left corner

Hi there!

I recently just created a coin collection system where the total of coins collected/score of coins’s number will appear in the top left corner of my screen. Is there any chance anyone knows how to enlarge the text so its easier to see? Would be a HUGE help, thank you! Here is an image below if anyone understands

If you’re intending the number to be displayed as part of the UI, and haven’t used Widgets before, now would be a good time to use them. You can use a basic TextBlock widget for this purpose, and adjust its Font Size to get larger texts.

Print Strings are better used when you’re debugging the value of some variable.

It looks like you’re printing the value using PrintString. That’s not generally an appropriate way to display persistent information to the user.
The way this works in Unreal is to create a HUD, and then either use direct draw callbacks, or some Slate widgets, to display the value.
For an example of a reasonable workflow: When your player controller starts, it can check whether it’s the local player, and if so, find and configure the UI to have a reference to the player, so the UI can then use data binding to easily display all the various quantities you want to display.