How to end level when progress bar is at 100%?

I am picking up items in my game and I created a widget that everytime they are picked up, it increases the progress bar. But once the progress bar is filled, I don’t know how to end the level or make it where when the bar is at 100%, it can make a box trigger visible to walk over to open new level. Or something of that manner. I am quite new to UE4, if someone could help me out on this I would appreciate it greatly! Thank you!!!
and here is an attachment for my “Pickups”

You could use the OpenLevel node to open the level you wish to open such as next level or main menu when the Progress Bar is full. Try using something like this in your Widget Blueprint Graph where your Progress Bar is.

Thank you For this!
It doesn’t seem to work for me though. I’ll show you what I did and also my Progress Bar Blueprints Again I thank you for the help!

There are a few things wrong with Tickets_progress EventGraph. You need to call SET \Ticketss from somewhere as currently it is not running. So you could attach it to Event Tick which is not the most efficient way or you could use a timer. Also you want the max value in the Clamp to be 1 as the Progress Bar value is between 0 and 1. Here is it attached to Event Tick; you can try the timer afterward if you get it working. Also make sure you have a level named MainMenu created.

Okay that makes sense. I didn’t notice about the event. I added Event Tick on it and when i compile and Play, the Progress Bar will not increase. Is there a different event that would activate it?
And I do have a Level named MainMenu. We tried it on just a regular box trigger and it worked.

Made a few alterations to that same Blueprint for you to check out; most noticeably the >= to a <=. Also I changed all my 100 values to have YourMaxValue attached to make it clearer. The Branch now calls the SetPercent if True and the OpenLevel node if False. Event Tick would update the Progress Bar continuously so is a good starting point to get this working. One question for you and that is where are you updating the \Ticketss value?

I’ll try this out and let you know. Thank You!
And to answer your question we are increasing the tickets value in the ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprints. I’ll send an attachment.


OK since you SET the Ticket value in ThirdPersonCharacter you can do a Cast to there from Tickets_Progress. So basically take the Ticket value from ThirdPersonCharacter to SET the number of TicketsCollected (\Ticketss) in Tickets_Progress. The Widget Blueprint for Tickets_Progress would look like this. Also note I changed the <= to just a < so it will change level when it reaches MaxTickets and not need to be greater than MaxTickets.

That Worked!! I thank you so much since this project has a deadline.(which is a few days) so your a life saver.
I’ll make sure to mark this as resolved.