How to end game after player picks up x amount of coins?

Dear Unreal Community,

I am a total beinner and for my first project, I created a small world where the player picks up coins (there are 8 in total) while a timer widget with min:sec is displayed. I am now looking for the best way to end the game → after finding all 8 coins, the game should end by the player seeing the time at which they picked up the last coin. It’s a mini game for my friends and I want them to battle for “who finds all of the coins the fastest”

There are so many great online tutorials for a newbie like me, but I can’t find anything that helps me with this issue, that is why I wanted to ask here. Thank you to everybody in advance!

You count the coins picked up with an integer. When it reaches the target, pause the game and display a widget with the time in.

Which part are you unclear about?

You can have a look here:

The project link is still live. If you open this project (min v4.25) and add the highlighted script to what’s in the Third Person Character blueprint, you’ll get the counting: