How to end a game?

So i made a small fifa-like game and the game ends when the ball (sphere object) gets kicked into the net ( with a box trigger). How do i end the game using blueprints?
Im using an event called OnActorHit.

Note: Using third person. New to game design.

Just link the Actor to “Quit Game” action.

Blueprint->Open Level->Map Name

You can also just pop up a UMG widget saying the game is over, and have a button to restart.
DON’T just quit the game. Users do not like that.

Thank you
I tried connecting the OnActorHit trigger but it works only when the player passes the trigger, not the ball. :confused:

I want to do that, i dont exactly konw how to create a UMG widget yet :confused:

I believe there are tutorials on the Unreal Channel.
This is Tesla Dev though: