How to enable world partition system with current sub-levels?

Hi, I want to build a large scale landscape (> 5km distance)
into my current archviz project, witch already contains many
sub-level of different building parts in order to prevent crash.

but to enable the world partition feature, I have to remove all the sub-levels first,
is there other way to remain my sub-level and also create the world partition system?

If it is the only way, then what is the best practice to not impact the performance?


Just start over in a new level (inside a new folder)
And copy/paste the levels to within the new level folder.

The system will automatically pick up the levels you added.

You then set up the streaming layer info as usual.

The only other thing I think you can mean, is to copy the objects over from the current levels into tiles generated with a tiled import.
In which case, it’s exactly that - load the level, select the actor(s), right click the level (tile) you want them moved to and select the move actors option.
You then delete the original copy/pasted level as it will be empty anyway.

Btw, archviz or not, performance is a thing. And if you create 1000x1000 levels, you won’t have much if any performance.
Try and keep the tiles to a sensibile size (~2km is usually ok). So as to limit the number of drawcalls and the need for generating impostors later on.

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Thanks for your reply and thoroughly advise!

I think I’ll try the first method,
I’ve tried to combined all sub-levels before
but it caused me too much trouble while editing.
(maybe it’s the problem caused by my cuda card?)

anyway I’ll keep your suggestion in mind,

Thanks for your kindly help!