How to enable World Partition in UE5 Preview 1?

Compared to the Early Access version, I can’t find the option to enable the World Partition. Does anyone know how to do?



Yea i’v been having the same issue for the last few weeks with a custom build from source version. I was hopping the issue would be fix now that a preview is released but i cant see any commits with a fix in github.

I will try to pin down the problem if i have some time and send a pull request hopefully.

Open/load the map you wish to be an WP map/world.
Go to the “Tools” menu, look towards the bottom, find the World Partition section, and choose “Convert Level”, Now select the map you wish to enable WP for.

Next, LEAVE the convert in place option to EMPTY or NO, if you choose yes you’ll likely get a failed conversion and possibly even a crash window.
Convert with all default options selected, and you “should” get a successful message.
Now open your newly converted WP map.

To clarify, if you don’t already have a map that you want to be WP, create one first.
If you have one you want to convert, then open that map and follow the above.

Note: You don’t have to “enable” WP in settings now like it was in EA


Thank you!

Just looked through the WorldPartitionEditor and WorldPartitionSubsystem modules and it makes sense since it looks like it was intentional and not an actual issue. Most of the work is now in the subsystem.

Thanks for the info!