How to enable window resizing?

I would like to be able to drag the corner of the game window to resize the window. I have enabled Allow Window Resize in the project settings. However, when I put my mouse cursor near any window border, it flashes the resize cursor before instantly reverting back to the regular mouse cursor.

I am enabling the cursor to be visible in the first place using bShowMouseCursor in APlayerController.

Use this nodes to enable border mode:

Thank you for the help. These nodes do work to set windowed mode, but I still cannot resize the window with click-and-drag.

(i.e. my cursor does not change to


, and I can’t drag the sides of the window to resize)

It turns out that this is a bug: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-80522)

Nice, just discovered this myself. My program is analytical in nature so full screen mode will probably not be desired and resizing it should be easy for the user.